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In 1926, the Artois Brewery created a special batch of beer as a gift to the cheerful people of Leuven in Belgium. That special batch was the first to officially have “Stella” in its name. “Stella” is the Latin word for star, which can be seen on every bottle together with the Cartouche – a symbol of this rich history.

Using the finest malt, hops and water, plus 600 years of brewing expertise, what you get is premium refinement with every sip of a Stella Artois. A legacy of craftsmanship that produces the perfect beer to savour moments with the ones you love the most.

With over 600 years of brewing expertise in every chalice, Stella Artois deserves to be poured perfectly. Our nine-step pouring ritual is a beautiful dance between the Chalice and the Draught Master, to deliver exquisite flavour.

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Savouring Every Sip Stella Artois is the result of hundreds of years of brewing expertise so it’s worth just a few extra steps to ensure the best possible tasting experience for connoisseurs and casual beer drinkers alike. Before being poured, we always recommend it has been chilled to between 3-5°C and of course you should savour Stella Artois in its unique Chalice, the curves of which are designed to enhance the tempting taste and aroma. Take a sip. A malty middle and crisp finish should reveal the full, pleasantly bitter flavour that Stella Artois is known for and what makes it an in ideal accompaniment for a variety of cuisines from around the world.

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malted barley (gluten)


Maize extract



Stella Artois

Nutritional info

Alcohol by volume %.
Energy kj / 100 ml
Energy kcal/100 ml
Fat g/100 ml
Saturated fat g/ 100 ml
Carbohydrates g/ 100 ml
Sugar g/ 100 ml
Protein g/ 100 m
Salt g/ 100 m
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