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The 2022 Nedbank International Polo at the Inanda Club in Sandton on the 2nd of April delivered a sensational polo encounter between South Africa and England. The excitement was not limited to the playing field though, as hospitality in the various marquees and picnic sites drew crowds of people dressed in pomp and glamour. Guests were treated to a delightful experience with moments of grandeur coupled with delicious canapés over a freshly served Stella Artois.

It was a romantic affair as Stella Artois gave our polo-lovers a taste of ‘The Life Artois’, as guests raised their chalices in celebration over some mellow music. Friends of Stella Artois like J’Something, Keneilwe Mothoa, and Tebello Tibz Motsoane where in attendance to give the event its deserving ambience.

The sponsorship of this year’s event was a perfect match because in as much as polo is a traditional sport that has been played for generations, so has Stella Artois been brewed from a long legacy of craftsmanship.

It was definitely a memorable affair and one of the most sought-after experiences where guests got to savour moments of joy and toast to unforgettable memories over a Stella.