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Today, so much of life feels saturated with superficial worth, from how people connect with each other, to the things considered valuable. However, we at Stella Artois believe in, and pursue, things of genuine worth that leave us feeling deeply satisfied. Our distinctive beer promises a taste worth more, poured and perfectly savoured while drinking in the gold that makes some things worth more.

A taste worth more

In life some things are worth more than flashing lights and selfies with the world’s most popular celebrities. Even David Beckham can’t match a taste worth savoring amongst friends   


Created with centuries of brewing expertise, Stella Artois demands a few extra steps to ensure perfection in every sip savoured. Chill it to 3-5°C and enjoy it in our unique Chalice designed to enhance its alluring taste and aroma. Sink into a malty middle and crisp finish, showcasing the full, pleasantly bitter flavour that makes Stella Artois a taste worth more.

620 ml Bottle
410 ml can
410 ML
330 ml Bottle
The History of Stella Artois

Stella Artois, with deep Belgian roots dating back to 1366 in Leuven, originated from the renowned Den Hoorn brewery. Sebastian Artois became a Brew Master in 1708 and later purchased Den Hoorn. The brewery, symbolised by the Den Hoorn logo, continues to influence Stella Artois.

The Artois Brewery, cherished locally and globally, crafted a special Christmas batch for Leuven residents. This batch, featuring the name “Stella”, meaning star in Latin, marked a significant moment. Sebastian Artois’ legacy lives on, with his name on every bottle. Next time you enjoy Stella Artois, savour not only the rich flavour but also the centuries-old brewing tradition embedded in each bottle.

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